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3, Bdin str., 2 apt.

Vidin City

Chairperson: Roza Marinova

mobile: 0884079394, 0896633358

secretary: Nora Lozanova

phone: 094/600391

e-mail: noralo@abv.bg


The Organization of the Jews Shalom – Vidin is part of the family of Jewish communities in Bulgaria since 1990, when the cultural functions and educational activities interrupted in the sixties were revived. The organization adopted its Statute and its members enthusiastically started working for the resumption of forgotten traditions, relationships and history.

Efforts were directed at preserving our small community as a whole. We made а one room club, which is equipped with a computer, a small library and internet and everyone who wishеs can use them. Every last Friday of the month we gather together and share our pains, joys and needs.

We celebrate all the Jewish holidays, and for Pesach and Rosh Hashanah we organize а ritual table.

Within our modest means we are trying to assist needy members of the community.Over the past nearly quarter-century the number of our members fell in half. We can say that our organization grows old together with us. We almost do not have young members. Most seek livelihood in other cities or even in other countries, so they do not take an active part in our community live. The health condition of our older members do not always allows them to come to our meetings. Our goal is more people to get involved in the life of the organization.

Our work is concentrated in the celebration of important dates and anniversaries of Jewish history, marking the Day of the Holocaust and the anniversaries of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews, the birthday of the State of Israel and others. Each year not miss the anniversary of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews, March 10 bringing flowers at the monument built by means of the Jewish residents of Vidin now living in Israel. As a sign of gratitude for the tolerance and humanity of the citizens of Vidin and with a desire to preserve the traditions of our ancestors we make donations of food, textbooks and clothes to needy homes and schools in the municipality.

We assist the Social Commission with the payment of aid for drug benefits for children under the program “Children in Need” and the distribution of flu vaccines. Every year we send our members to “Golden Age” camp in Bankya and the “Limmud Keshet” seminar.