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7, Musala str. 

Varna City

Chairperson: Oleg Kalderon

Phone: 052/784 616

Mobile: 0889040899

Secretary: Salzitsa Nikolova

Phone: 052/612653


The Regional Organization of the Jews in the city of Varna operates on the basis of statutes adopted by the General Assembly of the community in the following major fields:

– Preserving the development and cohesion of the Jewish community in the city;

– Social activities in the interest of all members of the organization with particular attention to the elderly and the Holocaust survivors;

– Cultural activities aimed at preserving Jewish heritage, inclusiveness and enriching the cultural palette of the city and the region.

In order to preserve the traditions regular meetings of different generations (youth, middle generation and golden age) are held.Jewish holidays are celebrated by the community. Anniversaries and birthdays of members of the organization are also celebrated. The preservation of Jewish cultural monuments and architecture, tours to prominent places are also a very important part of our activity. We also meet with other members from other branches and participate in activities and events organized by OJB “Shalom”. In 2013. in connection with the 70th anniversary of the rescue of

Bulgarian Jews during the Holocaust with funds of the organization a monument was built in the city center. The organization runs independently and jointly with OJB “Shalom” many social events to help Jews who survived the Holocaust and other older members of the association: supply of medicines and food, assistance to maintain their homes ect.



The organization has a rich library of Jewish writers and books on Israel and Jewish history. For several years, it operates and a library of over 100 films. Periodically meetings with prominent Jewish cultural figures are organized. Each year the concert “Shalom and Friends” is held. It has become a significant cultural event for the city and meets Varna audience with famous Jewish artists from all over the world. In 2012 the first Jewish festival dedicated to Sephardic culture, featuring Jews from Israel, Spain and Macedonia was held in Varna. Some of them gave interesting reports. The event was met with great interest and was attended by many locals and tourists.