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26, Neofit Bozveli str.

Sliven City

Chairperson: Julia Pelisheva-Gavazova

Mobile: 0888291015

Secretary: Solomon Moskona

Phone: 0889789660

In the town of Sliven Jews settled relatively later than in the nearby towns of Yambol and Karnobat. Until 1830 when the Jewish cemetery was built, Sliven Jews buried their relatives in the town of Yambol. Nearly 100 years later in Sliven live nearly 550 Jews. Two synagogues and a school are built. The majority of Sliven Jewry are indigent and poor people working in the textile mills and handicrafts, but there are quite enterprising Jews who put the beginning of socks production in Bulgaria. In 1892 Solomon Mikhailov built the socks enterprise “Star”. In 1905 Bohor Navon, Isaac Arroyo, Arroyo Jacko and Solomon Mikhailov establish a large factory for hosiery, socks and towels. At the same time the social life of the Jews in the town of Sliven strengthens. Branches of Maccabi and WIZO were found involving many of the Jews in the town. Under order of Sofia in 1961 the organization was dissolved, and the documentation was sent to Sofia. OJB “Shalom” – Sliven recovers its activity in February 1991.

Today our organization is one of the youngest. It continues its activity and we are proud that we are united and active organization.