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4, Kozlodui str.

Shumen City

Chairperson: Beta Haralanova

Mobile: 0898461516

Phone: 054/876621

Secretary: Zhivko Solomonov

Mobile: 0885651753


It is still a matter of historical investigation when exactly the first Jewish settlers came in the town of Shumen. But for sure it is known that at the end of the eighteenth century there is a Jewish community in the city which lives in the Jewish quarter. In 1860 the Jews built in the place of the old wooden synagogue, a new large house of prayer. In 1870 in the city was opened the first in Bulgaria Jewish school, and in 1874 was opened the first Jewish girls’ school. All this took place with the help of Alliance Izraelite and other donors, Baron Hirsch among them.

Jewish life in the city changed in the years of the Holocaust and afterwards with the establishment of the State of Israel which significantly reduced the number of the Jews living in the city.

Today, Jews in Shumen are few. They are united in a regional organization that seeks to develop both social and wider cultural and educational activities.



Shumen is a magic of unity and diversity. For centuries there lived Bulgarians, Turks, Armenians, Jews, Roma, Tatars, Russians and other communities that preserve tolerant relations. In this aspect the Jewish organization willingly participates in all events related to ethnicities in the city – round tables, conferences, exhibitions, meetings. By idea of ​​our organization and in connection with the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the salvation of the Bulgarian Jews, members of all ethnic communities planted trees and created the “Alley of tolerance.” In a period of two years together with 19 children from Kindergarten “Conche Vihrogonche” we worked on the project “Different but together.” We celebrated also in a dignified manner the 70th anniversary of the salvation of Bulgarian Jews and organized a major exhibition. Together with the Regional Historical Museum, we did some donor campaigns and supported the idea of ​​”Do good.” The town of Shumen was awarded with the “Shofar” award for the salvation of the Jewish community. Members of the organization get together and celebrate the major Jewish holidays, and so seek not only to preserve but also to spread the rich Jewish history and traditions of the Jewish people. That is why we take special care to preserve the Old Jewish Cemetery which is one of the few preserved symbols of Jewish life in the city. Unfortunately, from the synagogue and the Jewish school only the fountains that stood in their yards have been preserved. They were donated to the Regional Historical Museum Shumen and are now exhibited in the lapidary yard.