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Shimon Peres ז״ל left us

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On 28th of September 2016 (25th of Elul 5776) at the age of 93 H. E. Shimon Peres ז״ל, the patriarch of the State of Israel passed away. During his long service in the name of the country and the nation of Israel he has been the ninth President of the State of Israel, he has been also three times Prime Minister, a minister in 12 cabinets and a long-standing member of the Knesset. Shimon Peres ז״ל was awarded with a Nobel Prize for peace.

On the occasion of the passing of the respectful statesman, leader, visioner and peace advocate Dr. Alexander Oscar sent his condolences to H.E. Ms. Irit Lillian, the Ambassador of the State of Israel in Bulgaria, which you can read here.

The last meeting of the Bulgarian Jewish community with Shimon Peres ז״ל was during his official visit to Bulgaria, when on 11th of August 2010, he visited the Sofia synagogue. See pictures from this honorable for the Bulgarian Jews event.