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The Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” is an independent, non-partisan, voluntary, democratic, public and self-governing organization of the Jews in Bulgaria, which unites the Regional Organizations of the Jews “Shalom”.
Both persons of Jewish origin and persons whose origin is not of Jewish origin but who are related to persons of Jewish origin and who share and support the goals and activities of the organization may be members of the organization on a voluntary basis.
The organization works on the basis of a structure that is regulated in the statute.
The organization ensures the preservation and development of Jewish ethnic, linguistic and cultural values ​​and traditions, protects the constitutional rights of its members and the Jews in the country, opposes all forms of fascism, totalitarianism, anti-democracy, racism, anti-Semitism and national chauvinism.
At the Organization, your right to privacy is a top priority and is at the heart of the design and construction of our systems, services and programs we offer.

  1. Who we are
    Responsible for your information under this Privacy Policy is:

Name of the organization: Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”
Address of management: Sofia, Al. Stamboliyski ”50

  1. Where this privacy policy applies

This Privacy Policy applies to our website, the applications we use, the events and other programs managed and offered by the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”.

  1. Information we collect

Of course, we cannot help you become a member of the organization without having some information about you. We collect the initial data through the application for membership.
We also collect information generated by the use of our services, such as participation in our programs and events.

Information you provide to us
These are the minimum required or statutory data:

• As a member of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” – identification data, such as three names, gender, data from an identity document, PIN, date of birth, marital status, address, contact details, education, ethnic / religious data origin, place of work, interests, details of spouse and children.
• As an employee of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” – information in accordance with the Labor Code for the needs of forming our labor relations: three names, PIN, ID card, address, education and qualifications.
• When applying for a job in the organization – minimum information for determining your competencies: three names, e-mail, phone, competencies that you define as relevant to the position.
• When you decide to participate in our programs – the information with which you register or enter.
• If you are a participant in our event for the needs of accounting – the information you give us to form the primary expenditure and reporting documents.
• If you agree to communicate your information, we will share it only with members of the organization: names, phone or e-mail.

Information we receive from others
In addition to the information you provide to us directly, we receive information about you from other people, including:
• Other members of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” can provide information about you, in the volume described above, and at the first contact with you, we will let you know where we have this information.
• Social media – it is possible to collect or update your data from social media (Facebook, Twiter, etc.).
• Other partners – we may receive information about you from our partners when you have shared with them information other than ours, but from the same categories announced above.

Collection of information when using our services
When you use our services, we collect information about the features you have used and how you have used them.
• Usage information – we collect information about your activity in our services, e.g. number of participations in events, preferred events and professional topics.
• Information about the used devices – these are Server logs, logs of security protection devices (Web Application Firewalls) and others. devices falling into this category. These logs are needed to identify technical problems and / or detect malicious activity. Contains information such as: date and time, IP address, URL, browser version and device information.
• Information from filming events – during the events we film or film some of them and publish the accumulated information on our closed Facebook page. We always shoot and film in a public part and in a public place, of which you have been informed in the announcement of the event.

  1. Cookies and other similar data collection technologies

To develop our WEB page, we use a platform and accordingly use cookies and similar technologies in compliance with a strict policy in accordance with the new EU requirements.
Cookies are information stored in your browser or mobile application. They are used to store settings and identifiers.

  1. How we use the information

Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” processes your personal data on the following grounds:
• Fulfillment of legal obligations, including fulfillment of obligations provided by law for keeping or providing information upon receipt of a relevant order from competent state or judicial bodies, while providing an opportunity to exercise the control powers of the competent state bodies, in fulfilling legal obligations of the Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” to inform you about various circumstances related to your rights, the Services provided or the protection of your data, etc. under.
• Membership in the organization for providing programs and services by the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” to the members of the Organization.
• Conclusion and implementation of contracts for the provision of programs and services between the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” and external contractors.
• Application of the legitimate interests of service users, third parties such as members, other users, employers, representatives of employers, etc.
• You have given your consent – your data may be processed on the basis of your explicit consent, and the processing in this case is specific and to the extent and scope provided in the relevant consent.

The main reason why we process your information is to keep up-to-date data of the members of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”, to improve the offered programs and services. Special categories of personal data require a higher level of protection and an additional basis for their collection, storage and use, which we take strict care of. In addition, we use your information to ensure your security and to provide you with information that may be of interest to you.

We process your information for the following purposes:
• Maintaining membership in the Organization:
• Providing support and functionality of our programs and services – concluding or executing contracts.
• Accounting activity – processing of primary accounting documents.

  1. How we share information

The main sharing of information is between members and partners of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”. We also share information from some users with service providers and partners who help us maintain our services. We use third parties to help us operate and improve our services. These third parties help us with a variety of tasks, including hosting and data maintenance, member care, payment processing, and security operations. When sharing information, we strive to comply with legal requirements or limit ourselves to non-personal information.
We follow a rigorous verification process before engaging with a service provider or working with a partner. All our service providers and partners must accept strict confidentiality obligations.
We may disclose your information if reasonably necessary: ​​to comply with legal process, such as a court order, subpoena or search warrant, law enforcement investigation or other legal requirements; to assist in the prevention or detection of criminal offenses, in any case the applicable law shall apply; or to protect the safety of any person.

• With your consent or at your request
We may ask for your consent to share your information with third parties. In each case, we will clarify the reasons why we want to share your information.

  1. Cross-border data transfers

Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” does not transfer data outside the European Union and the EEA, except in cases where we have a contractual obligation to do so, but we will do so after making sure that the data will be transmitted on site with an adequate level of Protection.

  1. Your rights as a data subject

You, as a subject of personal data processing, have the right to exercise the following rights.
Before you have this opportunity, we need to identify you, and we will identify you on the spot at our address.
The deadline set in the Regulation for responding to your request is up to one month, which we will comply with following the procedures adopted by us.
You can submit your request in paper form – from our office and we will notify you in the manner specified by you of the outcome of each of your requests under the GDPR.

List of your rights as a data subject:
• The right at any time to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation;
• Right to correct personal data – if you believe that there is an error in the personal data collected about you, you can request their correction. You will have to provide us with the data you think is correct.
• Right of access to your personal data – you have the right to receive confirmation whether we process your personal data and, if so, to access them. Along with the data we will give you access to the mandatory information described in Art. 15, item 1 of the Regulation.
• Right to delete your personal data – you may request to be forgotten, and we will assess whether the requirements of Art. 17 of the Regulation.
• Right to restrict processing – means marking stored personal data in order to limit their processing in the future. If you want us to keep your personal data without processing it, you can submit a request under this item.
• Right to data portability – you may request that the personal data we collect about you be transmitted in a structured, widely used and machine-readable form. At this time, we are unable to transfer your data directly to another administrator.
• Right to object – you can object at any time to the processing of your personal data, including profiling and direct marketing.
• The right to request from the Administrator of your personal data to notify the third parties to whom the Administrator has provided your data regarding the correction, deletion or restriction of the processing of personal data. In all cases where you exercise any of the above rights, we will notify these third parties of your request.
• You have the right to appeal to the Commission for Personal Data Protection, which is submitted in the form and with details as required by law.

  1. Accuracy of information

The Jewish Organization in Bulgaria Shalom is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by you, does not carry out checks in this sense and does not guarantee the actual identity of the individuals who provided the data. In all cases of suspicion on your part, of established fraud and / or abuse, please notify us immediately. You undertake not to violate the rights of others in connection with the protection of their personal data or other rights when providing any information on the Site. To update your data, please use the approved form.

  1. How we protect your information

Taking into account the complexity of personal data protection and special categories of personal data, we have focused on the following types of personal data protection – physical, personal, documentary and protection of automated information systems and networks. Applying the new requirements of the regulation in data transfer, we also use cryptographic protection. We work hard to protect you from unauthorized access to or alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information.
We regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and regularly review our practices for collecting, storing and processing information to update our physical, technical and organizational security measures.
We may stop using all or part of the Services without notice if we suspect or detect a security breach.

  1. How long we store your information

We store your information for as long as is necessary for our legitimate interests or as defined in the laws of the country. In practice, we delete or anonymize your information after termination of membership, but we may continue to store your information for a certain period of time without indexing it and providing it to third parties for the following cases:

• we must retain data in order to comply with current legislation (eg some ‘traffic data’ is stored for one year in order to comply with statutory data retention obligations);
• we must retain data to demonstrate compliance with applicable law (eg documents stored for five years regarding the consent of our Terms, the Privacy Policy and other similar consents);
• there is an unresolved issue, claim or dispute requiring us to store the relevant information until it is resolved;
• Information must be kept about our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention and enhancing consumer safety and security.

In the event of a legal dispute or proceedings requiring the retention of data and / or a request from a competent state authority, it is possible to retain data for longer than the specified periods until the final conclusion of the dispute or proceedings before all instances. The specified deadlines may be changed in case a different requirement for keeping the information is established according to the current legislation.
Backup. In order to ensure the reliability of the Services and to prevent data loss for technical reasons, the Site applies a data reservation policy. The maximum update period, incl. deleting data on all backups is thirty days.
We keep all accounting documents or those for labor legal relations in accordance with the requirements of the law.
Any other information about events and other services within a year.

  1. Changes in the Privacy Policy

As we always strive to use new and innovative ways, this policy may change over time. We will notify you before any significant change occurs so that you have time to review the changes.

  1. How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us:

Online: membership@shalom.bg

By mail:
Sofia, 50 Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd., or at the address of the regional organization of which you are a member.