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Declaration of OJB Shalom condems Lukovmarch

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The Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” finds highly disturbing the renewed campaign of the Bulgarian National Union for organizing themed events under the slogan “Lukov March” the culmination of which is a procession scheduled for February 13, 2016. Similar initiatives in no way contribute for the perception of Bulgaria as a country with a clear and firm position against all manifestations of racism and anti-Semitism, confession of Nazi ideology and inciting hatred and rancour towards other minority groups. On the contrary, through its preserved symbols of Nazi salutes, flaming torches, uniforms and strict rules the procession creates suggestions and analogies with one of the darkest periods in human history – the time of the Third Reich.

OJB “Shalom” is concerned by attempts to rewrite the history and lustrate personalities such as General Hristo Lukov, who played a key role in the accession of the Kingdom of Bulgaria to the criminal block of Nazi Germany during World War II. Hristo Lukov was a leader and an activist of the Union of Bulgarian National Legions as well as an open supporter and an ideologist of fascist and national socialist ideas and models.
See the full text of the Declarationof OJB “Shalom,” which condemns the conduct of “Lukov March.” A copy of the document was sent to all institutions which are responsible for the conduct of the event, also to the media in Bulgaria and international Jewish organizations.


The full text of the Declaration