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Evreiski vesti

Evreiski vesti 23/2017

  • Issue 23
  • 8 December 2017
  • Read in the issue: "The viability of the Jewish communities in the country is a fact" - interview with Chief Secretary of OJB "Shalom" Yosif Melamed; "If there is no memory, the real death comes" - presentation of the novel "Rafael" of Lea Cohen in the Sofia Synagogue; "Rafael - the necessary innocent victim" - analysis by Borislav Gurdev; What is the mission of the good documentary and why Adela Peeva's new film " Long Live Bulgaria" "Da zhivee Bulgaria" is a time bomb - comments by Patricia Nikolova and Assoc. Prof. Mihail Ivanov; "The Labyrinth or the Secret of Identity" "Labirintyt ili tainata na identichnostta" - a new exhibition by Professor Gredi Assa.

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