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Evreiski vesti

Evreiski vesti 18/2017

  • Issue 18
  • 29 September 2017
  • Read in the issue: Lemud Keshet - our special meeting; Report on the activities of the OJB Shalom and the Consistory about the previous year; Why does Shalom freeze her membership in the NCSRH ?; Why am I proud to be a Bulgarian Jew or what did the community leaders say with the members of the youth organization of GERB and with the leaders of BSP Sofia ?; What are the Jewish roots of Biser Kirov and who finds it on the big stage? - Isaac Gosses presents the singer's autobiographical book "Thanksgiving Song" |Blagodartsvena pesen"; Riva Uziel with a new exhibition at the "Classica" Gallery; Why should he read Max Jacob's "Black Cabinet" and who are V.G Zebold's emigrant trajectories?

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