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European Remembrance 2018-19 – The Beit Project, Memory and Diversity

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Making of the Beit Project Sofia 2019

The project’s focus is to create, for youth of each one of the 10 European cities involved, a triple encounter: with the city, with the history and with the “others” – other citizens from different socio-economic backgrounds, different cultures, different faiths or different origins.
Through an experiential process, it brings the understanding that the ‘other’ is not an obstacle, but an asset to get a broader and deeper consciousness on our society.
By transforming heritage sites into educational platforms for dialogue and debate, it links History and contemporary issues.

This year and for the third time, the project’s activity is co-funded by the European Union in the frame of the Europe for Citizens programme of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. Thus, the 2018-2019’ edition is taking place in 10 cities: Skopje, Athens, Paris, Ixelles, Brussels, Barcelona, Marseilles, Sofia, Nice and Bucharest, thanks to the collaboration of selected local partners, together with The Beit Project Assoc.:
• Institut Balkan Pro Europa
• General Secretariat of Religious Affairs of Greece
• Maison de l’Europe à Paris
• Ville de Bruxelles
• Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”
• Federatia Comunitatilor Evreiesti Di Romania – Cultur Mozaic
• Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews in Skopje

And thanks to the dynamism of all local teams and collaborators. Through the project, more than 3000 European citizens are getting involved and impacted.
The Beit Project can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.