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The Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” is an independent, nonpartisan, voluntary, democratic, public, self-governing organization of the Jews in Bulgaria, that includes the Regional organizations of Jews “Shalom” in 16 cities across the country. The organization is the successor of the Consistoire (1920-1957 year) and the Public Cultural and Educational Organization of Jews in Bulgaria (1957-1990 year).

Members of the organization can be not only Jewish, but also non-Jewish people, who have some family relation to Jews and share and support the goals and activities of the organization. The membership is voluntary and more details regarding it can be found here.

The organization functions and governs itself following the structural concept of the Statute, which is implemented in the daily activities of the organization. The organization aims at preserving and developing the Jewish ethnic, linguistic and cultural traditions, to defend the constitutional rights of its members and of all Jews in the country, to oppose any form of fascism, totalitarism, antidemocratism, racism, anti-Semitism and national chauvinism.

The goals of the organization are achieved through studying and popularizing the Jewish history and ethnic traditions, celebrating holidays and anniversaries, organizing artistic events, exhibitions, musical and theatre performances, concerts, promoting books, meetings, symposiums, workshops, etc. The organization “Shalom” publishes the newspaper “Evreiski vesti”, “La Estreya” magazine, books, brochures and other printed editions. The organization makes efforts to maintain the historical heritage – synagogues, graves, monuments, administrates and manages its own property and the property, lent to third parties. It gives social, health and educational benefits, participates in acts of solidarity, charity and social assistance across the country and abroad. You can learn more by following the link to Activities and Programs.