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A Recount of the Rescue of Bulgarian Jews reaches Hungary and All of Europe

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Shared values and favorable attitudes within the society of the time, which ultimately led to the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews during WWII, inspired author Tosho Donchev to write his latest book: “A Report on the Banality of Integrity”. Donchev, who holds dual Bulgarian and Hungarian citizenship, was born in Budapest but has worked for many years in Bulgaria as a journalist and Director of the Hungarian Cultural Institute. His historical essay, published in three languages – Hungarian, Bulgarian and English, was presented on Wednesday in Jerusalem Hall of the Jewish Community Center at an event organized by the Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria Shalom, Cultural Institute Balashi and the Embassy of Hungary in Bulgaria. Special guest of the Bulgarian premiere was Mr. Szabolcs Takács, State Secretary for European Affairs of Hungary. “Today the Jewish community in Hungary is safe, but there is no justification for what happened to the Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust”, said in his speech Mr. Takács.

Takács was distinguished with the sign of honor 70th Anniversary of the Rescue of Bulgarian Jews, for Hungary’s contribution during its chairmanship of IHRA in 2015-2016. The President of Shalom Mr. Maxim Benvenisti awarded also the Hungarian Ambassador, H.E. Andras Klein, who wrote the preface to the book, and the Romanian Ambassador, H.E. Anton Pacuretu in view of Romania assuming the chairmanship of IHRA earlier in March.

“Ever since I was a little child, my father would tell me about what happened with the Jews during the war and I have lived with those stories for 60 years” said the author. His book, presented by prof. Vladimir Paunovski, Director of Shalom’s Museum of Jewish History, intends to tell the Hungarians and all Europeans about the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews.